Screenshot showing flight fare search Any way you can highlight the “deal”. Your user is getting by the slashed prices is a good conversion tactic, as long as it is truly Niue Email List a deal. The goal is that you’re not only offering your customers a deal, but that you’re promoting the fact that it is a Niue Email List deal. The savings may not be as much of a conversion booster as the feeling that they’re getting a deal. Making your conversion process as easy as possible and optimizing your CTAs and product information is a good start. But there’s still plenty to be done if you want to optimize your entire checkout process.

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You want to make sure that your conversion processes aren’t scaring users away. But you also want to make sure that you’re catching any loose sales. That may Niue Email List have bounced with a full cart (or are considering bouncing). Expensive shipping is the primary reason why Niue Email List people abandon their cart. Graph showing important factors in shopping Knowing this information, you can offer people Niue Email List free shipping or a discount when they try to abandon their cart, like what Fanchest did. With this Sumo cart abandonment popup to recover $60,300 in sales: Screenshot showing a Sumo discount popup

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People who see this you can pull across the finish line without further ad spend, helping boost your bottom line. This strategy can also can help increase the customer Niue Email List lifetime value (CLV) of your users, if you’re taking first-time buyers and turning them into repeat Niue Email List customers. 19. ONE-TIME PURCHASES VERSUS REPEAT CUSTOMERS Each type of user has his or her own level Niue Email List of value to your business. Based on their purchase frequency, average purchase price, etc., you can calculate the CLV of a user.[*] Screenshot showing how to calculate CLV One-time purchasers would obviously have a low CLV as they only contribute to your

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