Microsoft Office also has a Grammarly plug-in, however.  Available on: Chrome 6. Check My Links check-my-links-screenshot Click to enlarge Check My Links is a simple, yet useful tool. Designed for webmasters, it also is helpful for content marketers. It really has only one feature – to check for broken links on a webpage you are viewing. Click on the checkmark extension icon and the tool quickly evaluates links to see if they work. Why should you care? Delivering the best content experience to users Indian Phone Number requires you to make sure your cited resources provide valuable and contextual additions. Once a link is broken (for whatever reason), it provides nothing but a terrible user experience.

Letting Him Know Indian Phone Number About

Therefore, it should be fixed or replaced with the appropriate substitute resource. Moreover, if one of your goals is to build links, then it gives you the opportunity to Indian Phone Number execute some strategies. In simple terms, if you have a relevant replacement. You can reach out to the author, Personally. I prefer using it in this “DA-only mode” as the MozBar is quite large and heavy in its standard-mode size. Another MozBar feature adds an extra letting him know about the broken hyperlinks along with your proper Indian Phone Number substitute suggestion.  Klout klout-screenshot Click to enlarge Klout calculates your influence on major social media platforms to give a score between 1 and 100. You also can add topics and areas to your profile.

The Influence Indian Phone Number Scores

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As well as discover content and top-scoring experts within these particular niches and industries. The Klout extension brings each person’s scoring metric in your Twitter feed Indian Phone Number and displays it real-time. It is helpful if you are interested in discovering the influence scores of people you follow. Klout-twitter-feed-screenshot Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari 8. MozBar mozbar-screenshot Click to enlarge The MozBar is a “veteran” extension that packs quite a few features. Its main and dominant function is to measure the domain and page authority (Moz’s authorial metrics), along with basic social-sharing Indian Phone Numbers statistics of recently viewed websites. It even has a special mode that hides the main toolbar and shows only the domain authority score as a tiny button.

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