How can I help my store rank in search engines. As a reminder, a meta description is the text below the title of a page in a search result. Write attractive page titles thought of real people. The content of the page titles and meta descriptions you write should clearly describe. The content of the page , include important keywords. And be interesting enough to click through. Don’t forget about the people who read your content. Appearing in search results is only part of the job, since you also have to convince users to visit your page. Among all the other options available. In your page URL: Shopify store owners should note. That the title of a page becomes the default URL. I recommend including your objective. But keep URLs short and sweet by avoiding filler words (note the URL we’re using for this blog post).

ALT tags and file names: Google Images now accounts for nearly 23% of all web searches. To ensure that your photos appear in image results. You should name each image file something descriptive (i.e. don’t name images). And write descriptive alt tags that explain what each image represents. Text-Alt Free Download. SEO Checklist Do you want to rank high in search results? Get access to our free search engine optimization checklist. Links ▢ Design a link building strategy: Search engines like Google use the quantity, quality and relevance of links to a specific page or website as a ranking factor. You can think of links as “citations” that establish trust in the eyes of search engines. In my opinion, the best way to focus on “building links” is to focus on partnerships or determining who (publishers, other sites in your industry) you can offer and share value with.

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If you know a beauty blogger who regularly reviews Armenia phone number the type of skin care products you sell. A simple introduction can be the start of a win-win relationship. ▢ Analyze the links that your competition has earned and the mentions that refer to them: Thanks to tools like Moz’s Link Explorer and Ahrefs Site Explorer , you can explore which sites and pages are linking to your competition. What’s particularly helpful is understanding the context: Why did these sites decide to link to your competition? Why is the page worthy of such a link? Discovering these trends, such as competitor stores earning many mentions in gift guides, can help you come up with ideas about which partners you can work with and how you can provide enough value to earn a mention.

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Look for opportunities for press mentions If you’re a bit further along, use a brand monitoring tool to find “no link” mentions of your store or products on other sites; once you get an alert, you can politely ask the writer or post to add a link. Do you have questions about how Shopify works? Visit the Shopify Help Center Content ▢ Start planning a basic content marketing strategy: Developing and implementing a full content marketing strategy can take months, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple exercises that can help you get started: Provide customer questions: Think about what questions customers might ask when they discover your product category but don’t have all the information.

Look For Opportunities Armenia phone number For Press Mentions

For example, we help clients understand the different grades of hair extensions available and what to consider when deciding between each grade. Help customers get more product value: Have you ever noticed how many grocery stores also have simple recipes to get you started? This is a smart approach for many products – customers are often not expert users and may not understand the tips and tricks you know to get the most out of their purchase. Use keyword research to match questions to search terms: Of course, your content ideas should match the actual terms people are searching for. Helping customers get the most out of your product can also drive new customers to your website . Here we see the classification of Claudia&Julia that sells molds for cupcakes in the search “cream cupcake recipes”.

Information pages and blog posts must contain at least 500 words: Clear and concise content is valuable, but a minimum length is generally needed to fully answer a question and have a chance of appearing in search results. Most questions require at least a few hundred words, although keep in mind that quality is far more important than quantity. ▢ Write unique product descriptions: As we mentioned in the previous point, all the content on your website must be unique and written by you. For example, don’t use manufacturers’ product descriptions. Writing your own descriptions also gives you the opportunity to better promote the features and benefits of your products. Interactive Guide: 7 Steps to Open an Online Store with Shopify Creating your online store is no longer a matter of a few.

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