In both the examples above, Asics and Whiskey Loot use words commonly associated with abandonment emails like. And ‘left’ alongside copy that ties it back to their brand. Whiskey Loot: ‘sobering up’ relates to alcohol Asics: ‘left in the dust’ relates to running a race Other ideas: Maps. We don’t want you to get lost! Food: Are you hangry yet? Linens: We still want to sleep with you! Coffee: Uh oh, someone’s going to have a case of the Mondays Shoes: Your cart is about to run away 6. THE ‘BRAND-RELATED’ SUBJECT LINES With so much going on in shopper’s day-to-day lives

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A gentle reminder of exactly what product they left in the cart can be super helpful. Mentioning the product a shopper left in their cart in the subject line will Taiwan Phone Number List help remind them why they added it to their cart in. The first place — and why they were Taiwan Phone Number List keen to purchase. In this example, 23&Me, uses this subject line: Your DNA kit is waiting for you Sri-Lanka Phone Number List Dyson and Ralph Lauren use brand names in their subject line. As well-known, leading brands in their respective niches. Their names convey quality and remind the shopper of where they wanted to buy from.

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Here are the subject lines they use. Dyson Items in your basket at Ralph Lauren: Finish Your Order at Ralph Lauren Using the shopper’s first name, coupled Taiwan Phone Number List with the products in their cart, can make a huge difference to your abandoned cart Taiwan Phone Number List emails. Here’s how Massdrop personalizes its messages (notice the name at the beginning of the subject line. And the product hyperlink in the opening paragraph). Screenshot showing an email ‘BRAND-RELATED’ SUBJECT LINE FORMULAS With these subject lines, you’re trying to remind shoppers of exactly what they wanted to buy.

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