But Instagram Live is a worthwhile interaction tool for accounts that have a considerable number of followers and loyal fans. And products with Instagram Stories You can do it in these ways. Links in your Instagram bio Your Instagram bio used to be the only place where you could add a clickable link, and many brands still use it. You can apply two basic conversion principles to achieve your goal: engagement and a call to action (CTA). Interaction is a sensory signal that tells the user where to focus their attention and what action to take. Beyond directing your audience to check out the link in your bio, consider mentioning your own account (yourusername) or using an arrow pointing to your image in the top left of your story, as both lead to your biography A CTA is a direct indication of what you would like your audience to do.

Without an explicit CTA, chances are your audience will keep scrolling to the next post. Always try to add a CTA, either in your Instagram captions or in your stories. Here are some CTA examples you can use: See more photos in #yourcampaign Swipe up to get this product Tap now to get a discount of XX% Kalelee Creations used this strategy to get their audience to sign up for their email list: Kalelee Creations. Links in Instagram stories In Instagram stories you can also add links that direct users to your home page, your blog, product pages or wherever you decide. You can also take advantage of shopping on Instagram stories to create clickable posts to direct your audience to shopping pages. Use the product stickers to display the products in your story. Your audience can tap to learn more and make a purchase.

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To add shopping to its “Explore” tab. The El Salvador phone number “Explore” tab is a section. Where Instagram users discover new content and accounts, tailored to their interests, hashtags, and behavior within the app. In this way, you can present your products to an audience that does not even follow your account. Remember that your audience’s attention lasts only a few moments, so if you want them to take a specific action, try to be direct. Organize the stories in the “Featured” section Although stories have a short life, you can keep them as highlights and save them to your profile. These featured stories are made up of stories that you can organize under specific themes and with representative titles. You can use story highlights to. Create ad previews from your account Present to your clients Show product features. Directly target new Instagram followers with an introduction to your content and account.

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You can tag it “Start Here”) promote a sale. Control the results of the stories with the Instagram statistics With a personal account. It can be difficult to know how your stories are performing. You don’t have many metrics available, except for views. You can see who’s viewed your story by swiping up. And replies (when a viewer messages you through your story). However, with a business account, you can access a wide variety of indicators. To get helpful feedback on your stories. See stats like impressions and reach. But also actions taken on your stories, like the number of people who clicked, replied. Or abandoned. Use this information to find out in. Which cases you get the most interaction and in which you lose attention. If your stories are too long or too short, over time you can improve your content

How To Sell El Salvador phone number On Wallapop?

Do you have products in your home or business that you no longer need and that are only taking up space? As you already know, a product in stock without selling is synonymous with a product that is making us ‘lose’ money! Why not sell them and give them a second life ? For many, everything that you do not want, for them is a real treasure. You never know which of those items you no longer need may become someone else’s desire. And this is exactly where Wallapop comes in . Selling on Wallapop is a very easy process. And in this article I am going to show you step by step how you can achieve it. What is Wallpop? What are the advantages of selling on Wallapop? How to sell on Wallapop? step by step walkthrough What is Wallpop? Originally known as Fleapster.

It focuses on the purchase and sale of second-hand products of all kinds. So you will be able to earn money from home , what is better than that…? It is the best place for those who want to buy real treasures. Or give a second chance to those items that have been collecting dust in some box for some time. It doesn’t matter if it’s about books, movies. Clothes, accessories or vehicles, you can find all kinds of products on this platform. It is even possible to buy, sell and rent real estate and premises! It works through an application and a website and one of its most notable features is that you can find the products you want based on your geographical location , in order to find those products that are closest to you. Sell ​​or buy second-hand items?

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