In this free webinar you will learn how to create attractive job descriptions and choose your words in such a way that they really catch on. Recruitment experts Elies Goes, Nicol Tadema and Arjan Elbers teach you everything you need to know about online recruitment and what you need to do as an organization to leave the battlefield of the War for Talent as a winner.

Who is the webinar intended for?

Anyone who struggles with recruiting the right people such as online communication managers, HR managers and recruiters.

About the speakers

More and more readers are also finding their way toaluable white papers, studies and e-books can be downloallaboration with publisher Haystack.

After gaining 10 years of experience in international corporate and agency recruitment, Arjan 
founded Getnoticed in 2009. Within this specialized agency in setting up customized recruitment websites, he is active as Managing Director & Online Recruitment Strategist.

A digital marketing plan created with a good digital marketing agency is an important tool for your business. Developing a flawless digital marketing plan helps you identify what makes your business unique and how you will deliver your messages through various digital channels to your audience. A detailed approach to creating your digital marketing VP Maintenance Email Lists strategy reveals new opportunities. Focusing on a specific audience, identifying their needs, interests, and pain points helps you plan more effectively in achieving your marketing goals.

Chief and VP of Maintenance Email Lists

Do You Have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A great digital marketing strategy starts with a marketing working group workshop. . Be sure to include key players in your company as you do this work.

Do the Math…

  • Define your company’s revenue targets for the year.
  • Examine your competitors
  • Identify your leads

Discuss the answer to questions similar to the questions below

  • What worked/what didn’t work in the past?
  • What are the goals for the next year? The next 5 years?
  • Who are your key competitors and how do you stack up?
  • Examine the target audience
  • What are the challenges in your target audience?

At this stage, the digital marketing agency you work with will be helpful and guiding with the data in hand. We, as Magna Agency, provide full support for your customers to create their digital marketing plans.

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