Each county, city and township in Taiwan has a unique local culture, and even the recycling of resources in various places has developed its own creative achievements according to local characteristics. In the “Recycling-Recycling Fund 20 Years Special Exhibitionation. Best material. 33-3 Caption: Recycled objects that are both practical and beautiful are also the best material for environmental education. Image source: Key Review Network B Vibrant capitals: Keelung City,


Hsinchu City, Chiayi City The earth ornaments called

Pray for Floating” are made of discarded floating balls commonly found in fishing ports, representing Portugal Phone Number the environmental protection meaning of praying for the earth.  Out of the strong coastal area town characteristics. One of the works of art called “Carbon Dog” is also of special significance. In order to cherish the deceased school dog, the teachers and students of Shenao Elementary School used the summer vacation to collect discarded electric fans, burning gold buckets, pots and

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Penghu County, Kinmen County, Lianjiang County,

Green Island, Lanyu, Xiaoliuqiu Taiwan’s outlying islands have beautiful scenery and attract many tourists. Local shops are creative and use beach waste to make exquisite souvenirs, which are not only popular but also promote environmental awareness. S You can exchange it for a limited amount of garbage picked up when cleaning the beach, and use it to match the consumption discounts of merchants.

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