Either install the official OG Tag plugin or use the Yoast plugin. Best And Worst Practice When you paste a URL into Facebook’s status update module, you get a Kiribati B2B List preview of what the share will look like. La-Z-Boy added all relevant OG tags to the product page: title, Kiribati B2B List description, URL, image. Screenshot showing a social media post before it Koernerfurnite, on the Kiribati B2B List other hand, hasn’t defined any OG tags on its product page and therefore doesn’t get good-looking social media snippets. Screenshot showing how a social media post looks before it What the best practice does right: It has title, description, image

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And URL OG meta tags in the <head> Kiribati B2B List section of your source code. All components have the right image size and character length. What the worst practice does wrong: Only some or no OG Tags implemented. If you’re concerned about your OG Tags, you can use either of these tools to check a Kiribati B2B List page for valid implementation. Open Graph Check[*] Facebook Sharing Debugger[*] URL Kiribati B2B List The final component of a perfect snippet we can impact is the URL. It doesn’t stick out in the search results as much as the description or title but can still make a snippet look “off.

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As observed in anecdotal tests, users are less Kiribati B2B List likely to click a URL that consists of mostly numbers and characters. Google tries to show a breadcrumb navigation whenever possible in a snippet. Screenshot showing a google search result Breadcrumbs help the clickthrough rate Kiribati B2B List because they make your search page result look “cleaner.” Google pulls them from the Kiribati B2B List Breadcrumb navigation on the page and only shows them in. A “clean” way if you added schema markup (code you add to your page that helps search engines read what your page is about) to your site.

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