The Person Behind The Brand: After growing up at Redcliffe — Nudgee College. Class of ‘06 — Jimmy moved to London in the late 2010s. “Any man can start a beard, but Eritrea Email List a true man never finishes one,” he says. ”Take what you do seriously, but never yourself. The ladies love that. All the ladies still ask me to this day: ‘Is that still your same beard from Nudgee ‘0. Cyclone is a lyrical genius, Eritrea Email List teaches algebra in London, and is waiting on some geezer on the drums so he can release his EP album. While his drummer’s taking his sweet time, he’s growing his beard, cooking hard-boiled eggs, and catching a few sunrises.

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He was spotted on a London subway by a man with a scraggly beard one day, and has been admired by all ever since. About three days later, he went into the beard Eritrea Email List business himself. “There’s nothing a few beers and a good beard can’t fix,” he says. “I wanted to do a line of beard oil that matches the human circadian rhythm.” The beardy goodness, he says, is soft, thick, and full of joy. “When Eritrea Email List somebody says to you, ‘Wow, that’s a jammin’ beard!’ that’s a man’s beard.” Action Item: Write copy that tells people about the person behind your brand. Use this presell page template. STEP 8: SHOW A TESTIMONIAL Screenshot showing a

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Testimonial and a CTA button below that After telling people about the person behind your brand. You are going to unleash one of your best customer testimonials Eritrea Email List and another call to action for your product. What if you don’t have any customer testimonials? Use this video testimonial strategy that Boom uses. Here’s how Jimmy Cyclone would do it: Testimonial: I’m a bearded man, and Eritrea Email List used The Ladies’ Man beard oil before rocking up to a mate’s party. I was the envy of all non-bearded men at the party. And on average I now lift more weights than I did without Jimmy Cyclone’s beard oil. Ladies love my beard. — Joey McHutchins Call To Action: Try

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