The biggest question in ecommerce A/B testing is not “how.” It’s not even “what.” It’s “why not?” A survey by ConversionXL of 722 participants shows that 43% run fewer than five A/B tests per month. They know experiments can improve their business, but they don’t act. Why? Because they don’t know how! Regular A/B testing helps you to iterate site changes and give you a competitive advantage! That’s what this guide is for. To help ecommerce businesses understand how to run an A/B test and give them inspiration for different A/B testing ideas. 1 All A/B Testing Ideas In One Table 2 Homepage A/B Testing Ideas 3 Category Page A/B

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Testing Ideas 4 Product Page A/B Testing Ideas 5 Search Page A/B Testing Ideas 6 Checkout Page A/B. Testing Ideas 7 Marketing Channel testing. Is a japanese business contacts we understand the impact of the changes we make to our site, ads, or emails. At a very high level, A/B testing is done in four steps: Define your hypothesis Design the experiment.  Gather data Analyze data When you begin with A/B testing

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Your list of ideas gets long quickly; after a while, that momentum to test and add ideas gets lost. That’s why I collected the most important ideas in a table, to inspire you and keep your momentum going. The table is sorted by page type because not every page is equal. The homepage, for example, receives significant but unqualified traffic: it’s not yet clear what the user wants to accomplish. Did she come to the homepage because she heard about the store in an ad, or because she wants to search for a product in your shop. The deeper we move into the site hierarchy (homepage at the top, product pages at the bottom), the more

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