Screenshot of a discount code offer generated by Sumo In two months of collecting 596 emails. This simple two-email cart abandonment email strategy has  Argentina Email Database  generated Storiarts an extra $1,437. The first email alone has a $24 EPC (earnings per click). That means for every person who clicks a link inside the email, Storiarts make $24.  To help small ecommerce businesses achieve similar results to Storiarts on their online store

Using Free Opt in Email to

We created the Sumo Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut. The shortcut is based on the exact same strategy Storiarts is using. Inside Sumo simply follow these three steps to set up the strategy on your. Build the form that will appear after someone is about to leave your cart or checkout pages. Screenshot of settings on the Sumo dashboard Note: 90% of Storiarts’ revenue comes from their first email. So to focus on giving you the features that will help drive the most revenue for

Turn Website Viewers Into Buyers

your business we only include one email. If you’d like to add a second reminder  connect to whatever email service provider you use. If you want to try out this cart abandonment strategy for yourself, click the button below.  Part of every purchase helps children worldwide learn to read, write, and create. scalable ROI if you’re willing to spend money buying data and testing different audiences to find what works for your business. And, once


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