The importance of leveraging email marketing can be easily seen due to the fact that the United States alone is expected to spend $3.07 billion on it in 2019. From an expenditure of $2.07 billion dollars in 2014 to $3.07 billion in 2019, email marketing has come a long way to becoming an effective digital marketing channel. Plus, with 52% of people checking their personal emails every few hours, reaping the benefits of email marketing can help marketers open up new avenues of success in no time. However, with the evolution of Afghanistan Phone Number email marketing, the challenges associated with it have also evolved. This is why 54% of marketers struggle to capture customer attention in their inbox.

Hit the Right Chord With the Right Question

Asking your customers the right questions at the right time can give you the personal information. You need to create engaging and relevant marketing emails. Information such as their buying interests and preferences can help you segment your list. And send highly personalized triggered emails to prospects, helping. You get a better return on investment from your marketing efforts. When a customer signs up or subscribes to your email campaign, be sure to tap into their motivation by asking why they’re doing it. This will not only give you deeper insight into your customers, but also provide them with added value by receiving relevant email that most closely matches their needs.

Create Customer Personas

Email Database

A customer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. They are created by leveraging customer data through extensive marketing. Research while including critical aspects of the customer such as demographics. buying habits, interests, goals, etc. All of these details will help you create a detailed customer profile. And allow you to segment consumers. to offer them a more personalized and targeted experience. 3. Optimize with location and time In addition to having a relevant and personalized. Approach in your email campaign, choosing the right time to send these messages is also essential. Remember that your customers span different areas and regions with different schedules and time zones.

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