You can easily create new, valuable content from your old posts if you update it and make it current again: old wine in new bottles, as the saying goes. You could, for example, merge three old blog posts about the Ecuador Phone Number same subject into one new post or simply replace older parts of your post with updated content. Read more: How to update your content in 10 steps (and make it better) » Pro tip: Creating a clone of your post with Yoast Duplicate Post makes this process a lot easier. The Rewrite & Republish feature allows you to Ecuador Phone Number make a draft copy of your post, work on it and publish the updated version without too much hassle.

Your Updated Post Will Ecuador Phone Number

Replace the original one, and the draft will be deleted for you. Keep reading: Keep your content fresh and up to date » Delete irrelevant posts or pages It’s likely that you have old posts or pages on your site that you don’t need anymore. Think along the lines of a blog post about a product you stopped selling a while ago and have no intention of ever selling again. Ecuador Phone Number Or an announcement of an event that took place a long time ago. Ecuador Phone Number You might also have old pages with little or no content – so-called thin content pages. These are just some examples, but I’m sure you know which posts and/or pages I’m talking about.

This Old Content Adds Ecuador Phone Number

Ecuador phone number

No value anymore, now or for the foreseeable future. In that case, you need to either tell Google to forget about these old posts or pages or give the URL another purpose. When I talk about deleting old content. Ecuador Phone Number I don’t mean just pressing “delete” and then forgetting about it. If you do that, the content might show up in Google for weeks after deletion. Ecuador Phone Number The URL might actually have some link value as well, which would be a shame to waste. So, what should you do? Here are two options: “301 Redirect” the old post to a related one When a URL still holds value because, say, you have a number of quality links pointing to that page.

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