You want to leverage that value by redirecting the URL to a related one. With a 301 Redirect you’ll tell search engines and visitors there’s a better or newer version of this content elsewhere on your site. Egypt Phone Number The 301 redirect automatically sends people and Google to this page. Say you have an old post on a specific dog breed. You need to delete it, so the logical next step would be to redirect that post to a newer post about this dog breed. Egypt Phone Number If you don’t have that post, choose a post about the closest breed possible. Redirecting to a relevant category might be an option in some edge cases but this should not be standard practice.

What’s More, Redirecting to Egypt Phone Number

The homepage should be out of the question — this is an SEO anti-pattern. Creating a 301 Redirect (for instance in WordPress) isn’t hard, but doing it with Yoast SEO Premium is easy as pie. Egypt Phone Number If you don’t have it yet, find out about all the extras that are in Yoast SEO Premium here. Tell search engines the content is intentionally gone If there isn’t a relevant page on your site you can redirect to, it’s wise to tell Google to Egypt Phone Number forget about your old post entirely by serving a “410 Deleted” status to Google.

This Status Code Will Tell Egypt Phone Number

Egypt phone number

Google and visitors the content didn’t just disappear; you’ve deleted it with a reason. When Google can’t find a post, the server will usually return a “404 Not Found” status to the search engine’s bot. You’ll also find a 404 crawl error in your Google Search Console for that page. Egypt Phone Number Eventually, Google will work it out and the URL will gradually vanish from the Egypt Phone Number search result pages. But this takes time. The 410 is more powerful in the sense that it tells Google that the page is gone forever, never to return. You deleted it on purpose, period. Google will act on that faster than with a 404.

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