Read up about the server status codes if this is all gibberish to you. Read on: How to properly delete a page from your site » Do you have old content to deal with? Cleaning up old content should be part of your content maintenance routine to keep your website fit. El Salvador Phone Numbers If you don’t go through your old posts regularly, you’re bound to run into issues sooner or later. El Salvador Phone Numbers  You might show incorrect information to visitors or hurt your own rankings by having too many pages about the same topic, increasing chances of keyword cannibalization, which is a lot of work to find and fix later on.

So Prune Content El Salvador Phone Number

Regularly and decide what to do: update, merge or delete. Clean up your orphaned content with SEO Premium. El Salvador Phone Number A great place to start is with your orphaned content, which is content on your pages or posts that have zero internal links to them. You might be surprised, but most of us have orphaned content on our website. El Salvador Phone Number This is a shame, because both your audience and Google won’t be able to find this content. Meaning that you might be missing out on a great place in the search results and lots of traffic.

To Help You Clean Up El Salvador Phone Number

El Salvador phone number

Your old content, we’ve created an SEO workout that identifies your pages. Posts that don’t have any links and walk you through four simple steps to fix them. These steps allow you to decide whether you want to update or delete a certain page. Love it or leave it. El Salvador Phone Number And when you do decide to update it, it also suggests pages or posts from which you can link to this updated content. Helping you fix your orphaned content and update it at the El Salvador Phone Number same time! The first step in the orphaned content workout in Yoast SEO Premium You will need Yoast SEO Premium if you want to use this workout.

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