Trying to predict the right audience and applying a massive budget to it is a fool’s errand, unless you have loads of historical data. This is especially true on Iraq B2B List peak buying days when consumer purchase intent is sky-high. Having loads of ad sets will give you lots of flexibility Iraq B2B List in where and how you scale. Make sure to include a few super-broad audiences — even try a default “all” audience. STEP Iraq B2B List OR SCALE YOUR AD SETS In poker. Great players say that there are only two decisions you need to know how to make in order to win: when to raise, and when to fold.

List Building Tips – The 5 Questions to Ask to

The same is true of Facebook ad buying. Your Iraq B2B List job as a media buyer trying to rapidly scale is to determine what information you need to decide to kill or raise an ad set, and how fast can you get that data. This starts by deeply understanding your unit economics to set a target Return Iraq B2B List on Ad Spend. We’ve found that the safest top-of-funnel leading indicator for ROAS is Cost Per Iraq B2B List Add-To-Cart (CPATC). When you go live with all your ad sets, you’ll want to track this metric for every single one. Screenshot of the Facebook Ads dashboard showing how you can set up conversion

Dramatically Improve Your List Building Efforts

Don’t worry too much about statistical significance early on — it’s OK if leading indicators aren’t 100% accurate every time. If you’ve created enough ad sets, this should help you hone in on the winning ad sets pretty quickly. As you continue spending, make sure you’re charting your Iraq B2B List delayed attribution (delayed attribution refers to purchases that happen outside the single day click/view window). Before you even think about owning a successful email marketing campaigns you must gear your focus toward

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