Get interested people to your adresse malta website as much as possible. Stay top of mind, and they will come back and buy. That’s the foundation of your BFCM “website visitors” strategy. Get the clicks before the big weekend. Now let’s talk about the other big variable we haven’t yet: average order adresse malta value (AOV). KEY #3: BUILD A BFCM BUNDLE OFFER TO INCREASE YOUR AOV If you’ve got lots of people adresse malta coming to your website and making purchases, you’re already winning. If you’ve got them adresse malta spending more per purchase? Dancing in the streets. And there is no better time to get people to buy more of your products than a holiday. Here’s how you do it: start by building a BFCM Sitewide Offer that is going to appeal to your customers.

Email Based Marketing Campaign

I recommend doing something very straightforward, within these parameters: At least 20% off (anything less than this tends to be ineffective unless your discount is adresse malta at least $100 in raw dollar amount). Don’t bother with coupon codes. Just mark down your site (or a particular adresse malta collection, if that’s your style). This makes it easier for your customers, especially on mobile. If you  adresse malta  don’t discount much, you can keep that sale discount down at 20%. If you give people 20% often, you probably need to go higher to get people to take advantage of the offer. Once you’ve figured out your core BFCM Sitewide Offer, take a step back and ask yourself: how can I bundle products and offer discounts to drive up AOV.

Why the Money Really is in the List

I saw this done most effectively adresse malta last year by Axe Bat, an innovative and rapidly growing baseball bat brand. Axe Bat, who rarely discounts, put together a BFCM Bundle Offer page with their biggest discounts on their highest-priced bats. (some of which retail for $300 adresse malta more than their lowest-end models in the same category) and multi-bat bundles. Screenshot showing a adresse malta Facebook post Since many bat customers need multiple bats. (one for each kid, for example, or one for Slowpitch League and another for Little League). Axe Bat’s marketing team thought of every bundle they possibly could, then marked those bundles down a little more

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