Six months have passed since our last deliverability test, and I must say that a lot has changed in such a short time. And even more has changed since our first tests four years ago! This is our eighth email deliverability test to date, and you’ll see quite Germany Phone Number a bit of movement in the charts. If you want to compare this test to the previous one, check out our March 2021 results.

What Is the Definition of Email Deliverability?

To avoid confusion, let’s take a look at what email deliverability means before analyzing the results. Email delivery occurs when an email is successfully delivered to the receiving server Email deliverability is when an email successfully arrives in the person’s inbox. Just because your email was delivered doesn’t mean it landed in the right place: the reader’s main inbox. There are, in fact, a number of places where your email can end up:

Overall Ratings Based on Historical Performance

Email Database

We have seen that deliverability rates tend to fluctuate over time. Just because a tool hasn’t performed as well this cycle doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a good deliverability history. We’ve assigned a rating to each vendor based on their overall performance over the past 3 rounds of testing. You can also see if he performed better or worse compared to the last lap. With 91.2%, MailerLite also wins our “Best of 5” award for best deliverability in the last five rounds of testing. best of 5 pins How does this affect my email marketing strategy? When choosing a vendor, make sure they have good delivery rates – we recommend referring to our historical data to see the up or down trends for each tool. You can also do your own tests with Glockapps – here is a sample report.

Email Deliverability Test: Conclusion As with every round. This email deliverability test showed that it’s a good idea to watch this benchmark. Carefully and take stock of your own tool’s capabilities. With the average deliverability of all tools dropping slightly. We’re interested to see if vendors can restore it before our next round. In six months. That said, according to our tests, MailerLite is clearly the most powerful email marketing. Service for deliverability right now, taking the top spot and our best of 5 awards.

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