This is the sixth email deliverability test we’ve run, and like every test, it’s yielded quite a few surprises. If you want to make a comparison between this test and the previous one, see our February 2020 test.  The number of providers we review has increased France Phone Number slightly since then – this round we’ve included a total of 12 different courier services.You can read more about our methodology here, and also see how the tools have worked over the years. Contents

But First, What Is Email Deliverability?

Before we jump into the analysis of the results, I wanted to share the definitions of the following terms, to avoid any confusion.There are, in fact, a number of places your email can go: the spam/junk folder; in the case of Gmail, the Promotions tab; or, even worse, it is not delivered at all. Just because a vendor hasn’t performed as well this cycle doesn’t mean they don’t have a good deliverability track record. We’ve assigned a rating to each vendor based on their overall performance over the past 3 rounds of testing. You can also see if it is better or worse compared to the last lap.


Where Did the Emails Arrive?

Email Database

The table below shows the averages of email arrival for each provider. The main inbox, another tab, the spam folder or if they disappeared. The following table summarizes the average deliverability rates to Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail + Outlook) and AOL. For Gmail, we distinguished between emails that arrived in the main inbox and the Promotions tab. The providers most likely to end up in the Promotions tab of Gmail were GetResponse (100%) and MailerLite (80%). Sendinblue, Constant Contact,

ConvertKit and Mailjet were able to reach Outlook and Hotmail inboxes. 100% of the time Sendinblue and ActiveCampaign failed to get a single email into AOL mailboxes. Sendinblue also saw all of its undeliverable emails to Yahoo addresses

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