Photos, screenshots, and videos. You mobile telephone numbers australia can reuse other product photos, but consider taking a few photos just for your blog posts. mobile telephone numbers australia Take some of your product used in the way you’re explaining in your article. If mobile telephone numbers australia you’re not sure what you’ll be writing about yet, take different shots of using your product in unique ways or in different scenarios. Examples: Here are some examples of how Solo Stove uses product photos in their blog articles. In a mac n’ cheese recipe:mage

Email Marketing – Do You Make

Screenshot showing search engine stats That’s more than on Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube combined! Image optimization is more complex than it first appears. But mobile telephone numbers australia when you know how, it can help you attain qualified traffic and crack hard mobile telephone numbers australia search results pages. How? Google integrated images into “normal” search results in 2007 and started to show pictures for certain keywords (called vertical search). For example, on this search page for taco mobile telephone numbers australia  there are three universal

These Mistakes in Your Email Marketing

Google search results for taco Search results look different depending on your search. Often, images are somewhere integrated on the page. Consider this case for summer jacket. If you’re an ecommerce store and can’t rank in the regular organic results, you can still get valuable traffic by ranking an image. Screenshot showing google search results for jackets That’s just one example of how you can outrank incumbents with images. It’s very powerful! That’s why in this article I present 16 tips for optimizing images for organic traffic.

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