Google Trusted Store and BBB Accredited Sites. These trust badges provide more of a feeling of security, rather than proving a technical specification. Certain products Comoros B2B List need trust badges to support their integrity, for example, organic food. Screenshot showing an ecommerce Comoros B2B List product page Of course, https plays right into this feeling. When a site is not on https, it can show a “not secure” note that looks Comoros B2B List very untrustworthy. Screenshot showing a google chrome warning Worst Practice Screenshot showing a page What the worst practice does wrong: Hiding the trust badge in the footer.

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Best Practice Screenshot showing a bed What the best practice does right. Promotes trust badge prominently and visibly (sticky). CHATBOTS Chatbots are a new Comoros B2B List thing and the first helpful integration of AI into ecommerce that shows promising results. They provide a Comoros B2B List sort of customer service that goes beyond Q&A and gives a feeling of talking to another person Comoros B2B List instead. There are different kinds of chatbots: some have very fixed response patterns. Others use machine learning to provide a more flexible (and real) experience. Some work on messengers like Facebook, Slack, or SMS; others work right on the product page.

Comoros B2B List

However, chatbots can also be a trap for Comoros B2B List brands if they have poor implementation. A few cardinal sins to avoid are: Not disclosing that the customer is talking to a bot. Only providing a fixed sequence of answers. Not redirecting customers to a human being when a bot can’t Comoros B2B List help further or gets stuck. On the other hand, a well-done chatbot can be entertaining (see Comoros B2B List screenshot below) and provide value. Screenshot showing an eCommerce chatbot Poor Practice Screenshot Comoros B2B List showing a messenger conversation What the worst practice does wrong. Chatbot is a just a series of choices, not a conversation.

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