End of the week. Friday stands out the most in terms of performance. Here, subscribers have more time to read your emails so they’ll also have more time to take bangladesh phone number action when they feel compelled by your copy. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge bombs bangladesh phone number behind the research, it’s time to start narrowing down the best times and days to send your killer bangladesh phone number emails.  First, consider how many emails you plan on sending each week. If you’re pairing an

List Building – Why Buying A List Is

educational email with a sales email bangladesh phone number every week, consider sending those out in that specific order. Give your subscribers at least one or two buffer days in between. You could send (and test) your educational emails on Tuesday or Wednesday and your promotional ones bangladesh phone number on Thursday or Friday, for instance. If you’re sending out one email each week, play bangladesh phone number around with (and test!) whether a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (or any other day really) works best bangladesh phone number for your audience. Once you have an idea of how many emails you’ll be sending each week, consider your audience’s schedule to find the perfect time to send them.

The WORST Thing You Could Do

Choose a few time slots and days of the week to begin your A/B testing and record everything you find. bangladesh phone number For all you beginners, A/B testing is bangladesh phone number not as scary as it sounds. It just means that you’ll send a portion of your list a slightly different variation (B) of your bangladesh phone number original email (A). So if you’re testing out the best day to send your articles, you could send the same email to half your subscribers on Tuesday and the other half Wednesday.

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