Screenshot showing a Google Sheets document You can get a free copy of my spreadsheet here (click File > Make a copy to get your own copy). Please note: I’m running how to call telephone number in the philippines this business out of Germany and tax calculations may be different to your country. Update tax rates to match your country. If I sell my backpacks for $99.99 with a 30% discount, I’d need to sell 79 to break how to call telephone number in the philippines even (or 44 if selling without a discount). Not bad. I picked $99.99 for the retail price because I can. I’m the one who sets the price and I’d rather start with a slightly premium price. I could still lower the price later.

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As $99.99 didn’t sound too expensive for  a custom/hand painted backpack, I moved on. Even though I was confident those numbers could work, I was anxious that I’d burn more than $2,000. But I placed my order at Alibaba anyway. Screenshot showing orders for backpacks how to call telephone number in the philippines I kept myself busy with setting a very concrete goal for my new business. SETTING A BUSINESS GOAL A few years ago, when I started my entrepreneurial journey, I jumped from one goal to another. I had 20-30 goals at once. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve any of them.

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Now, with some experience, it’s more obvious to me why I had no chance at all back then. I was too distracted and didn’t focus on anything. Maybe it’s just me, but I only achieve my goals if I set them very clearly. In the best case, one goal at a time. When Sumo doubled blog traffic from 100,000 to 200,000 website visitors in one month, they only had one goal – blog traffic. With that said, I needed a specific goal for my new business. A very common practice is to set a goal. Each letter has its own meaning: S. – Specific M. – Measurable A. – Attractive R. – Realistic T. – Time-bound Let’s break ‘em down! Specific:

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