But this next one is more unique (and effective) than everything we’ve talked about so far. THE “GIVEAWAY” EMAIL Want more people to buy best opportunity seekers mailing list something? Discounts are great, but getting free things is an even better way to increase your sales. Giveaways are the secret sauce to a great holiday email campaign. Check out this email by Kustom Products: Screenshot showing black friday promotional images Free giveaways like this allow you. To bring in sales without cutting too deeply into your profit margins with big discounts. Pro Tip: You don’t have to give away big prizes.

Get More Buyers Email List Building

Go with $1-100 prizes, or whatever you can afford. Do the math to figure out how high your profit margins are on your average order and make sure you won’t los  best opportunity seekers mailing list  money. Here are some giveaway ideas: Products Gift cards Other people’s products (go for a partnership for extra effectiveness!) Chances to win a trip. Get The “Giveaway” Email Template You get the idea. But what if Black Friday comes to a close, and you haven’t hit your sales quota? Then use this. THE “SURPRISE, THERE’S MORE!” EMAIL If all else fails, you can surprise people by extending your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale by a day or two.

Why Build an Email List

Here’s how Forever 21 did it: Screenshot showing a black friday promo banner Forever21 makes their readers feel special by making the discount code VIP25. They may have even only sent this to select customers who made a certain purchase amount. These kinds of emails are great because best opportunity seekers mailing list you’re still able to use scarcity on the day of Black Friday (saying “sale ends at best opportunity seekers mailing list midnight” or what have you). But then capitalize on more sales for people who had to work best opportunity seekers mailing list or got distracted, or simply didn’t have the time to buy during your sale window. Two things to make this work: Don’t tell people your sale will be extended until after it ends.

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