Maybe you could even offer a discount for adding the extra item to their order. It’s called upselling, and it’s what the BEST, most profitable ecommerce businesses do. Upselling to your customers is the most effective way to increase your average order value. Now, you could upsell other products from your store. And you’d probably increase your revenue. But to optimize for profit, consider upselling high-margin digital products like courses, ebooks, and memberships alongside your physical products. Let’s dig into how upselling digital products is a great way to increase ecommerce revenue and how to start offering them in your store.

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Upselling vs. Cross-Selling — What’s The Difference? 2 Why Upsell Digital Products Over Physical Products? 3 Three Types Of Digital Products You Can Upsell 4 Creating And Hosting Your Digital Upsells 5 Pricing Your Digital Products 6 Setting Up Your Digital Upsell Flows numero de telefone em portugal THE DIFFERENCE? Before we jump in, let’s define terms. People often use “upselling” and “cross-selling” interchangeably, even though they have slight differences in meaning. Upselling involves selling a more expensive version of the item your customer is looking to purchase or adding extra features or add-ons to

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that product. When a fast food restaurant offers you an upgrade to a larger soda, that’s an upsell. Cross-selling involves selling different, but often related, products alongside what the customer is already buying. When that same restaurant offers to add fries to your order, that’s a cross-sell. Both methods help to achieve the same result — help the customer get more value out of their purchase, and help your business make more revenue from the sale. Effective upselling helps your customers get the right products that best meet their needs and makes sure they have everything they need to use the product they’re purchasing.

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