I’ll dive into this more later on. Until then, you also need to figure out which day to send your emails. Good thing there’s even more data we can discuss about rj sport cycle this next. Sending your emails at the right time won’t do much good for your stats if you’re. Delivering them on the wrong rj sport cycle day of the week. In this Get Response study, researchers found that emails sent on Tuesdays and Fridays earned rj sport cycle the highest open rates (19.9% and 19.6%, respectively).[*] Screenshot showing graph on email send time Weekend emails make sense for certain industries and circumstances.

For Your Affiliate Marketing Email Campaign

If your message has anything to do with rj sport cycle making your subscriber’s weekend better, they’ll be more interested to hear what you have to say. So arts rj sport cycle and crafts, outdoor/indoor hobbies and activities, and event messages work on Fridays and Saturdays. I talk about how Michaels (a craft paint store) does a stellar job of this in this guide on email marketing examples. To get their rj sport cycle readers to take action over the weekend. Michaels sent out this email giving readers the inspiration and tools they need to get started. Screenshot showing a promotional email The data about Tuesdays doesn’t need quite as much explaining.

What Can You Get From a Mortgage Broker Email List

Most of us are over the Monday rj sport cycle madness and have settled into our weeks a bit by. Tuesday so we have more time to read emails that come our way. To build on this idea, researchers from a Campaigner study compared open rates from the first and second halves of the year rj sport cycle and discovered. Tuesdays and Wednesdays had the same open rates. In the first half of the year But during rj sport cycle the second half. Tuesdays became the clear winner followed by Mondays Weekends (and Thursdays) showed the lowest open rates Graph showing average open and click rate by day Seems like Tuesday is our clear winner, right? Not so fast.

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