If they lower product prices, Jamaica B2B List more people will buy the product and their revenue will increase. “The problem with the race to the bottom is Jamaica B2B List that you might win. Even worse, you might come in second.” — Seth Godin[*] Strategically lowering product costs does have Jamaica B2B List benefits, and can lead to increased revenue. Picture of a graph showing surpluses So how do you Jamaica B2B List maximize. Often in sales, you need not to burn your candles at both ends just to scout for prospects. If you opt to purchase a contact list

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Profits while also capturing more Jamaica B2B List market share. You need to understand the sales volume of a product at specific price points, and what Jamaica B2B List allows you to remain profitable. In other words, you need to understand price elasticity. If the quantity demanded of a product Jamaica B2B List exhibits a large change in response to its price change, it is termed “elastic”.[*] For a second, imagine Jamaica B2B List you have 100 customers that purchase your product. Screenshot showing a table of 100 potential customers After testing pricing, you find

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Customers convert at different rates Jamaica B2B List depending on the price of the product. You also find that sales volume fluctuates with price: Graph Jamaica B2B List showing sales Given this small amount of data. You can now easily calculate how much revenue is generated from each price point. Theoretically, Jamaica B2B List this is a great way to improve upon the “base” product price that you calculated in step Jamaica B2B List one. Screenshot showing a table of 100 potential customers But there’s one small problem. Screenshot showing a table of 100 potential customers What about the 65 customers that would have purchased at a $5 or $10 price point?

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