More importantly, it lets them log in with a click of a button — no username, no password, no nothing. This can cut down the registration and login hassle by a great deal, which should put your users in a more purchase-ready mindset. On top of the already listed perks, Social Login usually allows for a “share with friends” promotional option. REMARKETING FROM CART ABANDONS The last two tips we have to discuss focus on remarketing your ecommerce landing pages towards users who have left. The first tip will focus on remarketing specifically towards those who have abandoned their carts on your site.

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By placing a remarketing pixel on your cart page, you can target remarketing campaigns towards users. Who have added items to their cart without ever Micronesia Email List page. Here’s an example of a remarketing pixel that you’d place in your cart page’s code:[*] Screenshot showing google remarketing tag information. Or, if you really want to get aggressive, you can continue to narrow your remarketing audience with more targeting.

Micronesia Email List

Screenshot showing a facebook ad The more you whittle your audience down in any campaign. The more you’ll be able to customize your offer to exactly what your user is looking for. 24. REMARKETING FROM THANK YOU PAGE Remarketing campaigns don’t have to be targeted solely towards cart abandoners. Regardless of what the name implies, you can target remarketing campaigns towards customers who have already purchased as well.

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