Want your email campaign for your next flash sale to be a massive success? Then you need to focus on one thing more than anything else. Your subject lines. sweden phone number The subject of your email will make or break your campaign. A good subject will get your subscribers to sweden phone number open and view your offer. A bad one will leave your email ignored, or worse — shoved in the sweden phone number spam folder. In today’s article, I share 10 companies’ proven flash sale subject lines you can steal for your next email campaign. Let’s do this! 1 Victoria’s

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Secret’s Fri-YAY! 2 Sun sweden phone number Basket’s “Little Secret” And Surprise 3 GrubHub’s Calling 4 VistaPrint’s Friends & Family Sale 5 Muse Paintbar’s Flash Sale 6 Audible’s 2-for-1 Sale 7 Wayfair’s Clearance & Holiday Sales 8 Best Buy’s Early Black Friday 9 Tony sweden phone number Robbin’s Massive Sale 10 Camping World’s “Quick” Sale Note: A typical flash sale lasts less than 24 sweden phone number hours. Below I share six companies’ proven flash sale subject lines, plus four from companies that ran extended, month-long flash sales. 1. VICTORIA’S

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SECRET’S FRI-YAY! Subject sweden phone number Line: Fri-YAY Panty Party + $25 select bras! What Makes It So Good: Victoria Secret is well-known for their panty and bra deals (I should know, my fiance reminds me all the time). That customer expectation is what sweden phone number makes this email work so well. Many shoppers wait for email deals like this to buy, as Victoria Secret sweden phone number has trained them to expect the deals. They know their target market and use emojis to connect with their subscribers. What The Email Looked Like: Screenshot showing

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