You can then look at which page gets a better conversion rate, and use that one as the final version. Now, one last step! TWEAKING YOUR DESCRIPTIONS: Nicaragua B2B List TOOLS TO OPTIMIZE FURTHER You’ve done your market research. Written and tested your Nicaragua B2B List descriptions, and you’re making lots of juicy sales. What more is there to do? Keep optimizing, of course. This final step helps Nicaragua B2B List you put the finishing touches on your descriptions. It can show you what links or call-to-actions people are clicking on, and how far down the page people are getting before dropping off. The tools are: Sumo Heat Map Sumo Content Analytics Heat Map shows

Top Reasons to Use Email Marketing

You exactly where people are Nicaragua B2B List clicking on your page. Screenshot showing sumo heat maps for a webpage In the image above, 37 people clicked this link, and 12 of those people specifically clicked on “specs” in the sentence. This can be useful to see which of your calls to  action is the most popular, and if people are clicking on something that isn’t a link. For example, Nicaragua B2B List users might click on a product image, expecting it to expand, or on text they think should be linked to something. Next up, Content Analytics shows you how far a user gets down the page before leaving. Screenshot showing Sumo heat map setup In this screenshot, my readers

Essential Items You Need To Build a List

On average, get through about 91% Nicaragua B2B List of this article before leaving. You can use this information to see if your descriptions are too long, or if you need to make a particular spot in your description more enticing by adding a story or more emotion to the wording. You can Nicaragua B2B List also use that spot to add bucket brigades, a strategy I learned from Joe Sugarman. Basically, a Nicaragua B2B List bucket brigade is a one-liner that entices people to read the next line. Here are a few bucket brigade examples. For example: Nicaragua B2B List Check this out: Why? Get this: Keep reading. Here’s what’s in store: You’ll never believe this… If you read a lot of my content,

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