Lunch with your CEO. The chance to learn some top industry tips with your team. This might feel like the hardest step of the process. In reality though, it’s pretty simple (and much less time-consuming than you may expect). To get started, head over to KingSumo — our viral giveaways platform — and enter your email address to begin building your giveaway (your first giveaway is 100% free.) GIF showing the Kingsumo landing page. After you’ve entered your email, you’ll be right in the heart of KingSumo and ready to build your own giveaway.

Affiliate Marketer Build Your List

We’ll walk through the three simple steps to create your giveaway shortly. But first, let’s have a look at what you’re actually creating. Here’s a completed giveaway landing page: Screenshot showing info about a sweepstakes Now here’s how to create your own landing page just like this. Three Steps To elenchi telefonici usa  Giveaway Information The first section you’ll see is your “Giveaway Information.” Here you can add all the key details about your giveaway: Screenshot showing the Kingsumo page for creating giveaways First, you’ll need to add your giveaway title and description.

And Your Business, Not Somebody Else’s

Our top tip here is to keep your title short and to the point. Here’s a short, clear title from one of Noah’s recent giveaways: Screenshot showing title for a giveaway article When it comes to your description. Think about it as a product description and ask yourself how you can use this space to sell your giveaway to your audience. Key things to include in your description include: More details about the prizes. A breakdown of exactly what they’ll win. Why they should care about these prizes and how winning will help them get one step closer to their goal. Here’s a great example from Degree 33 Surfboards: Screenshot showing copy for

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