Screenshot showing a supplement sales page Reviews aren’t the only forms of social proof. As we’ll discuss, you can even have your customers create your social proof for you if you really want to start seeing a boost in your ecommerce performance. MOBILE OPTIMIZATION In 2017, over half the world’s traffic came from users on mobile devices. A jump from 30% to 50% in just two years. This rate of increase means that ecommerce sites can’t afford to miss out on the rising wave of mobile traffic. Even though mobile accounts for such a large percentage of our traffic, customers still have complaints about making mobile shopping more

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This leads to two big takeaways for ecommerce brands. You need to optimize your ecommerce landing pages to accommodate a growing mobile customer base. With mobile shopping continually growing, there’s a huge window of opportunity to edge out ecommerce competition.[*] So how can Australia B2B Contact List landing pages for mobile customer experiences? To start: Use a responsive site to make sure your landing page adjusts to mobile screens. Make sure you’re compressing your images and minifying any HTML, CSS, etc.[*] Optimize your checkout process to make it as simple as possible for users to buy[*] 7.

Australia B2B Contact List

USER-GENERATED CONTENT I’ve mentioned how using social proof can improve sales and how high-quality photo. And video improve landing page performance. Why not combine the two tips? UGC has been a great way to improve ecommerce performance for a while now. Back in 2016, top-performing retailers were able to see over a 100% increase in conversions on ecommerce sites when the users had interacted with a piece of UGC.[*] Having users submit photos and videos of them using your product gives your potential customers a real-world example of how awesome your product is.

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