Release your BFCM Sitewide Offer on Black Friday while keeping your BFCM Bundle Offer live (see example below). Screenshot showing a landing page for a website EDITOR’S NOTE If you want to run a sitewide. BFCM Bundle Offer without creating a landing page, you can use Sumo’s new Increase Average Order Value Shortcut. It will let you create discount ladders that show to visitors across your whole site in the lead up to BFCM. For example, you could do: Discount Tier #1: 10% off any order over $30. Discount Tier #2: 20% off any order over $50. Discount Tier #3: 30% off any order over $100.

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Try it out for free on your store by clicking the button below. Let’s think about this in terms of actual dollars. If you have a $10,000 ad budget to spend on BFCM, here’s a rough guideline for how. GET YOUR BFCM WEEKEND SPEND PLAN RIGHT Getting the week before BFCM  vorwahl finnland handy  right is crucial, but it’s not the end of the game. We need to take the same principles and apply them to the big weekend itself. To get our heads around a plan here, I have another graph for you. This one shows average daily ROAS against average CPM for the BFCM weekend from our clients last year.

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Before BFCM: BFCM Gift Guide Offer: $1,500 1 Week Before BFCM: BFCM Bundle Offer. $5,500 BFCM Weekend: BFCM Bundle Offer & Sitewide Offer Combined: $3,000 Of course, anyone who has experience running Facebook ads. Knows that you need to be agile. Think about this like you’re a quarterback in football: call the play, know where your team is supposed to go, yell “hike!”, then adjust like crazy once the chaos of 22 people running around a field actually happens. This is where a great agency who can dedicate a full team to your ad spend really makes a difference.

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