At CTC, we like to say that the two  Jordan B2B List greatest influences on purchase decisions are. Price A recommendation from somebody you trust So ask yourself, Jordan B2B List who does your potential customer trust. Often, this is where we apply influencer marketing tactics, Jordan B2B List partnering with influencers by getting advertiser access to their Facebook page to run paid programs. In the case of PupSocks, we had the perfect partner for a program like this: iHeartDogs.

Value of Email Marketing

They have a massive following of dog Jordan B2B List lovers, and they were the perfect partner for a paid program. To find iHeartDogs as a partner, it didn’t hurt that their founder is a close friend and advisor to CTC, but finding people like this isn’t that difficult.  Send a few direct Jordan B2B List messages telling people you want to work out a sponsorship and you should hear back quickly. Here’s the ad Jordan B2B List creative we ran on iHeartDogs Facebook account. You will see that we gave them the same winning ad creative we already knew would work from

Jordan B2B List

The PupSocks campaign, and then Jordan B2B List allowed them to create ad copy that they felt would feel organic and native to their community. Through the Jordan B2B List iHeartDogs page targeted at the following audiences: iHeartDogs Facebook page engagers iHeartDogs. Instagram Jordan B2B List page engagers iHeartDogs website visitors Our core. Our purchases are a pattern of behavior most of the time, that is why programs such as TiVo can suggest shows

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