Want to write content that sells your products without having to sit down and write blog posts every week. Today I’m going to show you an ecommerce content Oman Email List writing formula BOOM. By Cindy Joseph uses to write a presell page to sell their makeup products. This one Oman Email List page has helped generate over $18 million in sales for Boom. It works so well, they send all their paid Oman Email List traffic to this one presell page.[*] What’s unique about this page is that it’s part advertisement, part editorial. It combines content marketing with direct response copywriting to convince people to buy.

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As I take you through this case study. Notice Oman Email List how Boom takes a broad topic related to their market (embracing natural hair color). And Oman Email List transitions it into selling Boom products (natural makeup products for older women). I’m going to show Oman Email List how I would replicate what Boom has done for my beard products company, called BANG! by Jimmy Cyclone. Here’s the nine-step content copywriting framework you can follow to replicate what Boom does to write content that sell. IDENTIFY A TOPIC RELATED TO YOUR PRODUCT Follow these two steps: Identify what you do and who you do it for.

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Brainstorm a list of topics related to what you do (it is OK to talk about something not exactly like what you sell.) Boom sells makeup products for women over 40. Makeup tips for older women. Feeling beautiful over 40. Embracing natural hair. For Bang (my beard products company for older men), here are some topics I brainstormed: Grooming tips for older men. Unconventional beard tips. Growing a beard over 30. Action Item: Brainstorm three broad topics related to your product, then pick your favorite.

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