How will I acquire products. There are various ways to can find and acquire products for your eCommerce business, and figuring out what works for you will help you to shape your business model. Here are a few ways you can acquire products to sell: DROPSHIPPING Essentially, dropshipping is selling products that you don’t physically stock.That company will fulfill the order. Here’s how it works: A customer places an order on your online store.

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The order is forwarded over to your dropship supplier. The dropship supplier sends the customer their order (on behalf of your company). The below Finland WhatsApp Number List Stand highlights the process. Screenshot showing a dropshipping store diagram With drop shipping you don’t ever have to worry about . So you can get started with little upfront costs. When you’re not stocking the products yourself you also don’t have to worry about warehousing costs or staying in one location — all you need is your laptop and a WiFi connection.

The Golden Rule

The profit margins can be slightly lower with dropshipping businesses, and you give up some. Control over the products you’re selling, so you can’t always deliver the experience you might want to provide your customers. So Aesthetic is an eCommerce business that generates thousands of sales per month and fulfills each sale with dropshipping. Screenshot showing an eCommerce store When So Aesthetic founder Justin Wong started the store. He was still working full time and grew the business to $12,000 in sales per month before he quit his day job.

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