In sales in one month. The best part is that it only took two hours of upfront work (and amazing content people love to pin)… So how do you do it? Let’s dive in. Nigeria Phone Number List [STEP #1] CREATE YOUR PINTEREST ACCOUNT Alright, the first thing you need is a business Nigeria Phone Number List Pinterest account. Simple enough, right? So go and do it! (Note: If you already have a Pinterest Nigeria Phone Number List account, you can skip this step. But I do drop some cool tips you can still use if you stick around.) While you’re creating your account, here are some psychology tricks to keep in mind for maximum success

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Use a high-quality photo of yourself as Nigeria Phone Number List your profile picture. Having a personal photo instead of a logo or grainy image will build trust and make it WAY easier for you to get into group boards. 2. If you’re a dude, get your dudette (or sister? mother? random Nigeria Phone Number List friend who’s a woman?) in the picture with you. The majority of Pinterest users are women. Think Nigeria Phone Number List about it—would you want some guy on your all-woman Pinterest board? What if they’re some creeper. (Of course, if it’s not an all-woman board, you’ll be fine.

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But the majority of Pinterest boards are run by kick-ass women.) So if you are a guy and have a picture with you and a woman, consider using it. 3. Don’t forget to Nigeria Phone Number List activate Rich Pins. Rich Pins add extra information to your pins. Article Rich Pins include a bold Nigeria Phone Number List headline, in addition to the story description, in the stream. Screenshot showing recipes Nigeria Phone Number List on pinterest There are also product rich pins, which show the price of your products. To set your account Nigeria Phone Number List up for Rich Pins, use Pinterest’s validation tool to ensure your site has the proper meta tags.[*] The Yoast SEO Plugin does this automatically for you.

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