To add membership functionality to your Togo Email List store, you’ve got a couple of options. You could use Facebook Groups or a Slack channel for a free option, though be aware this means. Competing for your members’ attention with 1,000,000 other distractions within Facebook and Slack. Podia Togo Email List provides a white-labeled option for membership sites, where you can brand your membership Togo Email List site however you like, and integrate courses or digital downloads into your member experience.

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You can use the same domain as your Togo Email List Shopify store, and integrate Podia directly into your upsell flows (more on this below). PRICING YOUR DIGITAL PRODUCTS When pricing digital products for upselling, there are two factors to consider. The first is the value of your Togo Email List upsell. How much is your digital product worth to your customer? Determining the value involves some guesswork, but the easiest way to start is to see what similar products sell for. If you’re selling an ebook, search that topic on Amazon to see the other ebook pricing.\

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For online courses, browse a Togo Email List massive marketplace like Udemy for comparable products: Screenshot showing Udemy courses When in doubt, set your price on the higher end of what you’re considering. You can — and should — test discounts during the upsell process to see what your customers are willing to pay. Start your upsell at 50% off the “list price”, and test a change of the Togo Email List discount by 10% in either direction increases or decreases your sales. Screenshot showing an ordering popup The second factor is the price of the base product.

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