EHPlabs is a health and fitness eCommerce company with a mission to spread the knowledge of fitness to the world. They sell health and fitness products for men and women to help them lose weight. Gain muscle, and take their performance to the next level. When Arnold Schwarzenegger saw the EHPlabs team at the. Arnold Sports Festival in Australia, he said: “This is the most muscular crowd of any sports and fitness expo in the world!. So you better believe EHPlabs health and fitness products work. But sometimes people still need a little incentive to make that first order.

Ways to Gain Trust From Your Opt-In List

To reward customers for trying their health and fitness products. EHPlabs gives away this funnel keyring worth USD 6.95. Screenshot showing a product page In business, this marketing strategy is called Gift With Purchase (GWP). If you’ve ever been to your local shopping mall and bought a Botswana B2B List significant amount of beauty. Makeup or cosmetics products and got a gift with purchase, that’s the GWP marketing strategy in action. But the strategy doesn’t just work for beauty products; it can work in any industry, no matter what you sell. Here is how EHPlabs is using it: When you add any item in EHPlabs store to your cart

Botswana B2B List

You get taken to this cart page. Screenshot showing EHPlabs shopping cart page If you try to leave the cart page without clicking “Proceed to Checkout” or “Continue Shopping. Conversions and 1,636 orders where people used the code in their order. The average Sumo popup converts at 2.3%, yet this popup had over 10x that with a 26.24% conversion rate for capturing emails for the free keyring offer. Screenshot showing Sumo popup stats The emails EHPlabs collected were added to their email

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