Rhone sells premium activewear engineered for men. Their mission is to inspire each other in the pursuit of progress, performance, and wellness. I could Greenland Email List explain how good their pants are, or I could let Rhone’s crew show you in 82 seconds why Rhone pants are the only pants you’ll ever need. To attract new customers to buy their performance lifestyle gear, Rhone has been using Sumo to Greenland Email List show this 10% discount offer. To people after spending five seconds on their site: Screenshot showing a sumo popup But Kyle Johnson (Sr. Digital Marketing Manager) at Rhone wanted to test a new offer to see

Staying Diligent With Your Email Marketing

If he could find something that converts even better. So he came up with this $150 store credit contest offer: Screenshot showing a website The result? The new Greenland Email List increased email conversions (signups) by 87%. The takeaway here isn’t necessarily that a $150 store credit giveaway beats a 10% discount. It’s that you need to “test your offer.” There are a few reasons why giving away store credit may be a better strategy for

Greenland Email List

Your eCommerce store than discounting: Not everyone who visits your website is ready to buy right now. So a giveaway offer for store credit that shows across your whole site. In combination with a discount offer that shows on your cart page when people are ready to buy, may be a better strategy. A store credit is free money that doesn’t require any purchase commitment, and people love winning free things. If people are entering their email to win free store credit, then you know they are qualified leads and have a real interest in your products (they aren’t just entering their email to try to win some completely unrelated product like an iPad).

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