Then, make a second offer for the Tonga B2B List filters! I will show you how to use this “offer both” strategy in the last section with upsell examples. Research shows that people are more likely to spend more when they’re already making a purchase than they would be if they were making Tonga B2B List those purchases separately. So take advantage of that! The options are endless; just do a quick Tonga B2B List brainstorm session to come up with cool upsell ideas. If all else fails, look at your sales data and partner related products or best-sellers.

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In the end, it’s OK if your offer Tonga B2B List doesn’t work. That’s what Step #3 is for. STEP #3: RUN YOUR OFFER FOR 1-2 WEEKS (AND A/B TEST) In the event your offer flops, all you have to do is try something else. So pick something and run with it for a week or two. Check the Tonga B2B List conversion rates. If they’re low, try something else. Ideally, you’ll want to A/B test your offers. Some things Tonga B2B List you can test are. Price Item offered Copy You can also test checkout button colors. But I’d test this LAST, once you’ve determined the best product, price, and copy. Only test one element at a time.

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If you test more than one, you won’t Tonga B2B List know which change made the difference. Running A/B tests is simple(ish). To run TRUE A/B tests, you need a software tool. Here are some different options depending on your ecommerce platform. Shopify: Neat A/B Testing Magento: Tonga B2B List In-built A/B Testing Tool BigCommerce: Optimizely WooCommerce/WordPress. Simple Tonga B2B List A/B Testing Plugin If you can’t or don’t want to use a tool, you can still run something close to an A/B test manually. Here’s how: Run your initial offering for 1-2 weeks. At the end, make note of your conversion metrics.

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