You don’t have to spend a lot on Australia WhatsApp Number List video production. I’ve seen some ads do phenomenally well that cost less than a few thousand dollars. The key is to get the message right. Make your benefits come to life in the video. This usually doesn’t require special Australia WhatsApp Number List effects, explosions, etc. Test different videos. Don’t launch with just one video. If Australia WhatsApp Number List you do, you might conclude that video doesn’t work, when, in reality, you just didn’t have a great video. Test different appeals, different openings, and different offers. Watch other key metrics.

Connecting With Email Marketing

While conversions and sales are Australia WhatsApp Number List king, there are other metrics that you need to watch as you evaluate the effectiveness of your ads. In addition to CPA, also consider View Through Rates (VTR). Your VTR is the percentage of people who see your ad and  Australia WhatsApp Number List  watch it through to the billable point. So a VTR of 30% means that 30% of the people who are served your ad actually watch it to the 30-second point. Here’s a quick guide for what’s good and what’s not: Not so good — A VTR of less than 20% is fairly weak.

An Easy Guide to List Building

If you get into the single digits, you can be confident that something is wrong with your video. Good — Anything in the 20-35% VTR is strong to really strong. Great — If you are in the 35-50% VTR then your video is amazing. If you’re ready to start testing YouTube remarketing ads for your ecommerce store. I recorded a short nine minute video below. In the video I reveal seven tips you can use to produce a high converting video that captures your prospects attention in the first five seconds.

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