That’s how many pairs of sunglasses legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman sold in his print ads. Joe used nothing more than words (and a quick, cheap photo) to sell Germany B2B List 100,000 pairs of sunglasses in just six months.[*] If a simple newspaper and magazine ad — with a Germany B2B List single cheap picture to sell the product — can be that successful. Imagine what you can do with Germany B2B List YOUR product descriptions. Screenshot showing an advert Product descriptions are often overlooked. An afterthought, tacked on after the images, call-to-action, customer reviews, stock numbers, pricing, and the other million things

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An eCommerce entrepreneur Germany B2B List must do. But no more! In today’s article, I’m going to teach you how to write product descriptions that sell, so you can grow your online store. 1 Writing Great Product Descriptions – Why Bother? 2 Understanding Your Buyer Germany B2B List Persona And Stealing. Their Language 3 Crafting Legendary Product Descriptions That Convert Germany B2B List 4 A/B Testing: The What, Why, And How 5 Tweaking Your Descriptions. Tools To Optimize Further WRITING GREAT PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS – WHY BOTHER? With a million and one other things to do, why bother to write captivating, unique product descriptions.

For Each Employee In Lost Time

After all, you can always throw Germany B2B List something together, or copy the manufacturer’s descriptions, right? No! Noooooooo. Please no. First of all, most manufacturers’ product descriptions suck. They, like you, have a million other things to do, and most likely threw something Germany B2B List together. They probably do not understand your ideal customer, and aren’t using their exact language Germany B2B List (more on that in the next section). Secondly, copying these descriptions word-for-word is harmful to your store’s SEO. Google considers this “duplicate content,” and they don’t like to rank duplicate content.[*] Plus, a study of 1,000 online shoppers showed people rank

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