Answer: Here’s a framework that could work well for you: 1. Identify your 3-5 highest lifetime value (LTV) customers. 2. Reach out to them, hop on a call, talk to Bahamas Email Lists them. 3. Identify similarities. 4. Find out what sites they go to, and market on those sites. I recommend Bahamas Email Lists you follow the of this growth study. That method will help you find the intersection of what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at, and a problem that needs solving.

With Bulk Email Marketing

A new marketing platform or channel? Answer: Open up a new Google spreadsheet, and follow these five steps: 1. List every marketing idea you have in column A 2. Rank the ease of implementing each idea  in column B 3 .Rank the impact each idea will have  Bahamas Email Lists  in column C 4. Add your “ease” score to your “impact” score to find which ideas have the highest score in column D 5. Work down the list, starting with your highest total score idea Test your first marketing channel for one month. Iterate as you go to improve. After a month, check your results to see if it’s worth continuing or not.

How to Create Systems to Simplify

You can follow Tip #7 out of AppSumo’s multimillion dollar playbook to see exactly how to do it. And get our free marketing ideas matrix spreadsheet to do it yourself. Which is better – Shopify or my own website? How do I compete with Amazon Prime free shipping – without selling. The easiest way is to just start with a simple landing page and actually validate people will buy your product. 99% of people don’t get it right the first time, which is why it can be a costly and time-consuming mistake to try to get everything perfect from the start.

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