A single email campaign refers to a coordinated set of emails sent over a specific period of time with one main objective, such as downloading a report, making a purchase, or reviewing your services. A successful email campaign achieves the campaign goal in as few emails as possible. In the text below, we will cover the most important steps in creating an email campaign and draw your attention to some effective hacks. Use automation software Azerbaijan Phone Number Imagine an email campaign designed to entice subscribers to revisit their abandoned online shopping carts and make a purchase. The first installment of a 3-part series of emails can remind the recipient of their unfinished purchase. The second might offer a discount,

Relevant Subject Line and Pre-header Text

Subject lines and pre-header text are the first pieces of information recipients will see, and they will greatly influence whether or not they open an email. According to recent research, subject lines inform the choice of opening emails for 33% of email recipients . Preheader text refers to the summary following the subject line that is visible in an inbox, it is usually one sentence long. Knowing this, how can you ensure that your subject line and pre-header drive a high email open rate? Two words: relevance and conciseness. Avoid ambiguous or outright misleading advertisements in your pre-header and subject line at all costs. Here’s an example of great discount content for Mother’s Day:

Email Design

Email Database

Emails should be optimized to look the same on all devices; desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. Adapting your email design to different screen resolutions is also a must. Responsive email design is of utmost importance. In your email marketing campaign as many people read their emails in the app, through their mobile phones. Keep in mind, however, that email campaigns are just a communication channel designed to drive traffic to your website.

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