Based on these insights, you can develop and test new products or services and range extensions for selected target groups. In marketing terms: segmentation, target market determination and positioning (SDP). Subsequently, the proposition and target group are refined through experiments. From a strategic point of view, this is a contemporary elaboration of the classic Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle.

Conversion optimization

For e-commerce companies, the conversion rate is the most important thermometer. That is why the channels and target audiences can differ per day due to A/B testing. Over time, for example, it may turn out that your product (for example, a type of sneakers) is particularly popular with the Nederhop scene via certain influencers.

And that does not only apply to the choice of channels (distribution). The other classic marketing domains such as product, price and promotion are also determined in a CMO Email Lists good model by conversion attribution . Adjustments in the online ads, propositions, brand communication, price position and channel mix lead directly to more conversions. Good tooling in the area of ​​conversion attribution is conditional. These tools provide the right advice to achieve an optimal marketing mix.

CMO Email Lists

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Transformation of the business model

However, it may turn out that the current business model is no longer adequate. More radical choices are then necessary. Or maybe the whole strategy needs to be overhauled. Examples of these radical choices include:

  • Expansion with new categories (eg from car insurance to damage repair).
  • Radical channel transitions, for example hybrid channel structure such as Coolblue (online/offline presence).
  • Strategic partnerships with complementary service providers, such as tech start-ups.
  • Integrate or dismantle ( buy & build ).
  • Disruptive growth strategies that radically renew the business model.

Finally. In order to keep a grip on operational management (conversion optimization), tactics (correct experiments) and strategy (timely transformation), a good dashboard is conditional. We call this a growth intelligence dashboard (GRID). Such a dashboard provides the right insights and advice at each of the three levels. The next challenge for organizations is to manage both top-down and bottom-up. In short: marketing transformation in practice.

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