This combination of offers on big-ticket items and bundles ran alongside Axe Bat’s 20% off BFCM Sitewide Offer. I’ll discuss how we timed the release of all these offers more below (stay tuned: it’s a crucial detail). For now, check out the results An 18% increase in AOV despite the sale laborgeräte liste A 193% increase in conversion rate (yes, you read that correctly). Multiple products in the hands of each customer Axe Bat’s highest ROAS of the year Another way of doing this is by stacking discounts. DIFF Charitable Eyewear did this to great effect by offering customers one pair of sunglasses at 30% off, two pairs at 40% off. And three pairs at 50% off. The result was a 17% increase in AOV.

Advantages That Demolish Any

Screenshot showing a Facebook post Smart product offers lead to big AOVs, which leads to big BFCM revenue numbers. So here’s the recommendation in laborgeräte liste three steps: Come up with your BFCM Sitewide Offer. Figure out what BFCM Bundle Offer makes the  laborgeräte liste  most sense for your brand, then mark it down a little more, percentage-wise, than your BFCM Sitewide Offer. Build a landing page laborgeräte liste that makes your BFCM Bundle Offer as clear as possible. Once you’ve got that structure, it’s time to run ads to your BFCM Bundle Offer. And here’s the big secret: you run them the week before Black Friday. KEY #4: RUN ADS TO YOUR BFCM

Excuse For Not List Building Today

BUNDLE OFFER ONE laborgeräte liste WEEK BEFORE BFCM (THEN ADVERTISE YOUR BFCM SITEWIDE OFFER) We’ve talked about CPM trends. We’ve laborgeräte liste talked about delayed attribution. We’ve talked about product bundling. Now let’s put all those principles together by showing you the most surprising data point about your BFCM Facebook ads plan. Here it is: The 28-day ROAS laborgeräte liste (measured on a click-only attribution model) by week. Graph showing 28 day ROAS Do you see that? The biggest ROAS time period for our clients last year was not actually the BFCM weekend. It was the week before. Why is that and how do you take advantage of it? First,

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