Screenshot showing Sumo settings for AT&T Email List cart casino Golden Nugget. We recommend choosing the Large size for your Cart Casino popup. Extra Large AT&T Email List takes up the whole screen and can be a bit aggressive, while Medium can be a bit hard to read on mobile. All Sumo popups are AT&T Email List mobile responsive though, so your Cart Casino popup is going to look great on any device. 3. Under AT&T Email List Design, scroll down and click on Configure Game. Enter the name of the prizes you want people to win, add the discount (or content

Traffic & Mailing List in 5 Easy Steps

They can win, and what percent chance you AT&T Email List want them to have of winning each prize. Screenshot showing sumo settings 4. On your Success Popup (the popup people see AT&T Email List after entering their email) add a new Text widget. Create one with the name of the prize using {prize_text} AT&T Email List in your text field and one with the prize code using the {prize} in your text AT&T Email List field. This will tell people what they won and give them the discount code to buy from your store. Screenshot showing sumo settings 5.

AT&T Email List

Set your Visibility to Manual Mode AT&T Email List and set it up for when the User Leaves. Add a Don’t Show rule for your Cart page because you want your Cart AT&T Email List Abandonment Popup to show on that page. Screenshot showing popup settings POPUP #3: PRODUCT AT&T Email List RECOMMENDATION POPUP Who Uses It: Viper Tec Knives. To get 5% of their website traffic to add their AT&T Email List best-selling product to their cart. What Design Is It: Sumo Formal Event Template (available inside Sumo) Screenshot showing a Sumo popup

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