Product landing pages are the most important type of page for any ecommerce business. They’re where the sale is made and where the value to the user has to be the strongest. Organic search to product pages is a vital source of traffic, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s very qualified because as soon as a user searches for a specific product, she’s in the late stage of the research process. Second, it’s free traffic that sometimes takes a while to ramp up, but once it’s rolling it can constantly bring in new customers for nearly zero cost. Third, organic search is a stable part of every research process nowadays

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Which means that most customers are present on this channel. Back in 2014, a collaborative study between Google and Millward Brown Digital showed that Norfolk Island B2B List 90% of users leveraged organic. Search in their research process and performed 12 searches on average Norfolk Island B2B List engaging on a specific brand’s site—and that was just in the B2B industry. Product reviews and search queries including “best” are growing at a rapid pace. Indicating the expanding research people do online—especially on mobile and soon on voice devices.

Norfolk Island B2B List

Screenshot showing copy by Google But there are also challenges with organic traffic coming to your ecommerce site. Competition is high and increasing, as many ecommerce brands have invested in SEO. But competition doesn’t only come from other brand product pages; it has also increased in the search results (and you’re often competing with Google itself!). One part of that is the ads Google is displaying above and below the organic search results, plus Google Shopping ads. On top of that, we see Google search features like research articles, Google News and

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