Has a growing mailing list of hundreds of people. Wanted to get y’all more exposure, for free. Can you donate [x] in a giveaway that I’ll promote out to my audience? au phone numbers Be Awesome, Julien Marion Sleep Sumo Example: Screenshot showing an email It’s also important to follow up. After all, they say the fortune is in the follow up: Screenshot showing an email and a reply Check out the difference between engaging them as a customer rather than a company: Company to company approach: Me: Hey XYZ company. My name is Julien and I’m from SleepSumo.

Tips to Build a Bigger List Faster

I LOVE your product and would like to know if you’d like to be exposed to 1000+ people for free. Company: No thank you, please remove us from your list. Customer to company au phone numbers company. My name is Julien and I’m a customer in LOVE with your product! I have a blog and I’d LOVE to expose you guys to 1000+ people for free in a giveaway. Company: Awesome! We love to hear from happy customers. What can we do to help? Me: Could you donate [specific number] of [product]? Company: Of course. Where should we send it? As soon as you mention your company,

Some of the Best Ways to Build a List

you’re not talking to them as if you were a customer, and they try to blacklist you and ask you to stop contacting them. However, if you engage with the company as a customer that loves the product. (and you should ONLY contact companies with products you truly love), they’ll be far happier to work with you for the giveaway. After I tested both approaches on the phone, I used email to close the deal. Protip: If you want to test the spam-meter of your emails so you don’t get blacklisted or piss people off, send your

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